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Sep 29, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Endo and L.B. Lots to get to in this episode of The GDS. Endo gives us the story of how hot and horny her ceramics teacher made her back in the day.  Talks about wearing a glow in the dark thong and watching a skateboarder and his thong situation and the Kid even gets in the thong fun telling an old story of a girlfriend making him wear one. We discuss catching our parents doing naughty things, fat neighbors, naked hot tub fun and sleeping with a bra on. Kid wraps discussing some changes coming to the show.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 L.B. and Endo Show - Devil Twins

2:00 My teachers banging

3:00 He said she said situation

4:00 My Ceramics teacher - Apple boxers 

5:00 Yeah I remember his name 

6:00 What the girl next to you is fantasizing about - Endo Embarrassed

7:00 My teachers underwear story - nice thong

8:00 She’s all about the waistband belly button pic 

9:00 Hiding condoms and thongs 

10:00 The Euclid motel thong story 

11:00 Hot with big tits - head for thong

12:00 Endo’s friend with a dude thong 

13:00 Boo Boo Kitty Fuck didn’t make you wear a thong 

14:00 The elephant trunk 

15:00 Discovering your parents porn videos 

16:00 Mom and dads porn tape 

17:00 Endo seeing her mom do something 

18:00 He attempted to video - mom caught - I caught mom

19:00 One time friends were over - Gone for 5 days

20:00 Your mom’s polaroids 

21:00 Naked hottub situation group party 

22:00 Spontaneous enjoyment of naked 

23:00 Sleeping with a bra on 

24:00 Huge chick wearing a snowsuit 

25:00 Teasing the upcoming show changes 

26:00 Probably could make some cha ching 

27:00 Back Catalog is getting closed off 

28:00 Planning Schedule 

29:00 Final Words - Endo quotes

Go Deep.