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Dec 31, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen and Endo get in studio to wrap up 2020 with more nonsense to complete the season. We kick shit off talking about Sharon Stones old ass and her beaver show in Basic Instinct, Kleen reveals the move Heartbreak Kid caused his divorce and we talk anxiety and stress level. We tap on some meditation, communication and some YouTube retards fighting. We wrap it up with everyones favorite subject. Have a great New Year ahead and fuck 2020 and the bullshit that it brought to everyone.


1:00 Screaming in my ear

2:00 Holy shit there is a beaver 

3:00 You make terrible decisions 

4:00 Holy shit look at the size of her huge tits 

5:00 Recognizing when you loved the big titties 

6:00 Kids that were not breast fed  

7:00 Click bait - The world we live in click baity 

8:00 Heartbreak Kid - pussy 

9:00 Gotta meet half way - agree to disagree 

10:00 Zaldor said for Endo to yell 

11:00 My stress level when getting rushed is not good

12:00 High blood pressure - cholesterol - Blew an eyeball 

13:00 Thoughts on anxiety levels 

14:00 Meditation help 

15:00 Why are you moaning during this 

16:00 Logan Paul fighting

17:00 Kleen wants to see strong guys going at it 

18:00 Problems with people getting hurt 

19:00 Almost dead a few times 

20:00 Mr. Kleen loves Pink… and brown 

21:00 Kleen getting basic questions 

22:00 Ridiculous shit - Sexual things list  

23:00 Gender titles 

24:00 People requesting others - Exhausting 

25:00 Supreme leader of the fucking planet 

26:00 Call me this, Call me that 

27:00 I read so much its insane 

28:00 Kleen we already did that 

29:00 Final Words - Final words of the year 

Go Deep.