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Jan 20, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1639

Kid and Crowley ask about two decades ago and how things change. We try to remember what the fuck happened last year. We give Endo shit for not greeting Mr. Crowley properly, ask about her new cam show and if she can remember her buttholes new nickname. Kid wants to tattoo something and we wrap up calling Thundercats HO and asking how many miles of road head she’s dished out over the years. Go Deep. 


1:00 How old am I now? 

2:00 Its all an Illusion. 

3:00 I don’t know what the fuck happened last year 

4:00 Are you showing everyone your butthole again? 

5:00 Endo Can’t breathe -  

6:00 Walled yourself up in the house  

7:00 Drink coaster with your ass on it 

8:00 What is the Pit of Carcoon 

9:00 Wall themselves up in a room 

10:00 The look on your face - the shit smell 

11:00 Tattooing practice

12:00 Lineworking a tattoo - misc. details 

13:00 Tattooing, Drums 

14:00 I have a feeling I can do that 

15:00 Couple of dots - Circumsize with a chainsaw 

16:00 Do you have a teddy

17:00 Inserting bullshit into your boobs 

18:00 These are my favorite nights 

19:00 HI HO call - Dong call 

20:00 Resolutions 

21:00 Not jerking it for the new year 

22:00 Nobody’s stopping me man  

23:00 How many miles of road head 

24:00 Side of the road, Woods 

25:00 Winter time road fun 

26:00 Hotter than fucking shit 

27:00 You a swallower?  

28:00 Flicking your bean to Die Hard 

29:00 Final Words - Its more sower this time 

Go Deep.