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Jan 29, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1646

Kid and Kleen talk about classic 80s movies you could never make nowadays. Bring you up to date on this weeks cock locking story, virtual reality porn, breasts that grow out of control and we wrap it up with Kleen’s workout routine and tease a future guest. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen just about busts his asshole 

2:00 - Black Hotties 

3:00 The Toy starring Richard Pryor

4:00 Kid picks out a janitor 

5:00 The WonderWheel 

6:00 Cock Lock hackery  

7:00 Going a couple of days without 

8:00 Why would you associate gender like that 

9:00 VR porn live stream 

10:00 Show archives - Don Tang Google Glass 

11:00 People living an illusion 

12:00 Virtual Reality porn - Coughing 

13:00 Technology stuff 

14:00 Breasts that continue to grow 

15:00 Like a goddamn NBA basketball 

16:00 Texan with the big titties growing

17:00 Wagon to carry nads 

18:00 Billy on the street - Netflix  

19:00 Huge Tits on the street 

20:00 Kid switches gears - go to the site 

21:00 Connect with us on social 

22:00 Baby Logan J  

23:00 Something special for Kleen - Workout 

24:00 Kleen remember the promo 

25:00 This weeks bizarro 

26:00 Polar Vortex - Baseball coming 

27:00 Kleen got a lot of fucked up - no more nights 

28:00 Jay “Action” Jackson 

29:00 Final Words - Women wear a zip up hoodie 

Go Deep.