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Mar 2, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1668

Kid, El Pres and Hi Ho from the phone give you topics of micropenis, men not being able to be men, some green chatter and how not to kill household plants.  We go over some bible references, remembering when valentines day actually meant something and how to make up for a little weiner.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Blowing smoke up the ass

2:00 Plant based drugs 

3:00 Eatables - how it hits ya 

4:00 Picking the friends knowledge 

5:00 Failed experiment - leads to buying 

6:00 Some people don’t want to know  

7:00 Once in a blue moon 

8:00 Be in the moment - take over the show 

9:00 Yes to equality 

10:00 Kid’s bible lessons 

11:00 You don’t have a voice?

12:00 Talking to ourselves 

13:00 Guys doing stuff for you 

14:00 Remembering Valentines gifts 

15:00 You still want to be sweet 

16:00 Monthly bleeding

17:00 New listeners - Lesbo with dick on the side 

18:00 Night of passion - multiple orgasm

19:00 Hi Ho preference 

20:00 Little dick made up for it with tongue 

21:00 Remembering the oral skills

22:00 Missing the dick  

23:00 Manual getting off 

24:00 Not alot of women going to micro peen 

25:00 What did he drive 

26:00 El Pres massage therapy 

27:00 Men attempting to get with ladies 

28:00 Alone time 

29:00 Final Words -  Honest opinions M vs F

Go Deep.