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Mar 23, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1683

A Youtuber bit the dust because he’s a fucking idiot, We tell everyone that “Likes” don’t mean a goddamn thing and Kleen is super robot early on. Kid asks what makes us happy, how much we should love each other and we play a clip of a dude who passes out. Kid gives you something cool to check out and its old school thinking but you’ll love it. We wrap with local stations selling everything. Go Deep. 


1:00 The Little Devil on your shoulder

2:00 News items and seeing

3:00 Call the cop you fucking moron

4:00 When the kid was a kid - The stalls

5:00 Your beliefs are really jacked

6:00 What is the goal for likes

7:00 Drive Thru’s guys - pranks

8:00 Throwing some fun in here and there

9:00 Titties, beer and blowjobs

10:00 The download numbers 

11:00 Dimple McDonna - The Kid’s ego

12:00 Its not for girls 

13:00 Video pre-ejacks - Kid’s magic

14:00 This guy should be dead 

15:00 Dude passes out driving 

16:00 Kleen distraction photo

17:00 Whoo!  

18:00 Very boob-o-licious 

19:00 Instagram and their robots 

20:00 Informative shit - RadioGarden

21:00 Radio stations around the world 

22:00 Kleen and Radio stuff   

23:00 What about this one?  

24:00 RadioGarden 

25:00 A free app - Radio Garden 

26:00 Local station selling everything 

27:00 How to be a fluffed video 

28:00 Adult stars playing overnights 

29:00 Final Words -  Jackass almost dead

Go Deep.