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Apr 27, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1716

Kid, Zaldor and L.B. in studio call Thundercats where she gives the lowdown on how to get subway delivered to your house and all you gotta do is suck a few dicks. We ask how the hell a ten year non-relationship is possible and believe it or not the Kid doesn’t freak out from all the eating that is going on right into the microphones the whole time. Go Deep. 


1:00 Thundercats Lunch buddy

2:00 Bringing subway for some dick suck

3:00 Ten year Fuck Buddy

4:00 8-10 week commitment

5:00 L.B. laying it out - powerful snatch

6:00 Changing the scenario

7:00 How often is the other Fuck buddy?

8:00 Yellow light, Green light

9:00 If thats not long term who knows what is

10:00 Viagra? 

11:00 So strong it had a side part 

12:00 Subway workout 

13:00 Keeping him young 

14:00 Side pussy concern 

15:00 Deal with the cutoff 

16:00 A decade F buddy

17:00 Driving me insane 

18:00 All the topics all the things 

19:00 Final Words - Coming to have a drink 

Go Deep.