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May 20, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1739

Kid rips on some teachers, asks Kleen to fantasize about three dicks, relive when a dad walked in and saw him railing his girlfriend and we hype some naked and afraid. Oh and rip on some local douche-nozzles. Go Deep. 


1:00 Throw your snatch on the interweb

2:00 Now you got me thinking here

3:00 Living the dream with three dicks

4:00 Kids visual expertise

5:00 The Gobbler treatment

6:00 Getting taken away from your parents

7:00 Someones feelings are hurt

8:00 Complaining to me - Kid didn’t like what teacher says

9:00 Brain power worry

10:00 Kleen what the hell - Dad saw ya? 

11:00 Poor Cooch gets crushed a lot 

12:00 Fuck these little bastards  

13:00 Daring their parents 

14:00 Good enough job teacher 

15:00 Your focus I get it 

16:00 Hype it up as another challenger launch

17:00 Naked and Afraid 

18:00 Zaldor, Shoninzo, Shoutouts 

19:00 Final Words -  Local Last words Dip shits.

Go Deep.