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Jun 22, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1772

Finding Value in a chick, new karaoke shows, two turntables and a microphone along with a hottie of the week all brought to you by a few dumbasses who have microphones.  Oh and someone asked Kleen about having more kids. Go Deep. 


1:00 Depending on the song - retardioce

2:00 You think I’m yelling at you for being stupid?

3:00 Can’t stand faggots (joke)

4:00 How many gays are in the world

5:00 Zeppelin record

6:00 Mix master

7:00 You would get nothing done

8:00 Go watch Hip Hop Evolution

9:00 Tammy Hembrow

10:00 You said she was hot. She’s still hot 

11:00 Kleen and having more kids 

12:00 A whore admired by millions  

13:00 It was him 

14:00 He just stated facts 

15:00 Opinion and Value 

16:00 Lets hear it again - Slut

17:00 The master key 

18:00 Sponsor time - Twat treatment 

19:00 Final Words - Spread the lips

Go Deep.