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Jun 29, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1779

We’re talking about farts in this one, pink eye, girls farting, farting in faces, grandpa spanking twerking bitches… who fart in faces and did we mention farts? We mention Jenna Jameson and what we’d do with $100 bucks. Go Deep. 


1:00 I call it spicky 

2:00 Literally the first time they come in - farts

3:00 You do that too - Kleen describing

4:00 Go up to women and give them wedgies

5:00 Today’s dick tip musical bed - Brought to you by R.E.S.R.

6:00 Grand daddy just took a fart in the face

7:00 He’s not even watching her butt - twerk on your face

8:00 Why do I mix up Endo and Cooch 

9:00 They are above women - Avg. everyday chick

10:00 If you gotta shit, you gotta shit - be comfortable 

11:00 Kleen is a shit talker 

12:00 Be prepared for the ass cloud 

13:00 He was not taking a shit - just an SBD 

14:00 I like this guy - My new favorite 

15:00 XHamster - Dudes fucked up teeth 

16:00 Really well done fake tits

17:00 Calling Jenna Jamesons plastic surgeon 

18:00 You a fan of Jenna? - Until eating disorders 

19:00 Final Words - $100 bucks in booze 

Go Deep.