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Feb 25, 2022

Kid and Fiona make fun of little guys in wheel chairs, people in pyramid schemes, cancel culture, queuing, and how to break the internet with Fiona’s Tinder account. We ask where to do some midget tossing, define retarded shit and play some Kenny Powers and some Miami Sound Machine. We go straight to hell for this one.  Listen in and join us in the flames. Go Deep.



1:00 Almost gave the wrong listener line number again 

2:00 She couldn’t concentrate

3:00 El poppy - Don’t do that

4:00 Wait a minute Syrup

5:00 Variations in the body

6:00 Kids bop kinda days

7:00 At what point do we do a questionnaire

8:00 As you age your testosterone  levels go down

9:00 Fuck you motherfuckers I don’t give a shit

10:00 Holy fuck - explains alot

11:00 Cancel culture bullshit

12:00 Everyone wants to feel important

13:00 Fucking L.B. talking about booster seats

14:00 Hold your fucking breath - fucking cock suckers

15:00 MLM recruiting through dating apps and Tik Tok

16:00 Eating Fiona’s cake

17:00 Queef sound loop

18:00 Cabbage pack dance

19:00 White noise sound machine

20:00 Fucking dog in the song

21:00 F word when you’re a kid - the Fag word

22:00 Irish in me - drunken bafoonery

23:00 Credit for having some balls

24:00 Human dildo kid

25:00 Dude can we throw him!

26:00 He’s in the chair - Hand-capable

27:00 I popped that cherry for all you young ones

28:00 That’s gonna make her a shitty mother

29:00 Dial a ride bus - pimp ride

30:00 Kenny Powers dumps high schooler

31:00 Your shit isn’t real

32:00 I’ll break you into little pieces


Go Deep.