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May 18, 2022

Kid and Fiona tell you not to drink pee pee shakes in this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Topics also include messing with Fiona, Devil spawn saying stuff at school they shouldn’t and words that just shouldn’t be uttered no matter how disturbing the scenario. 



1:00 You look so tan - sitting in the sun for hours

2:00 I will mess with you - The killer word 

3:00 I know you’re bigger than this 

4:00 Your offspring - Devil’s spawn 

5:00 You describe what happens

6:00 Good to see you super polite

7:00 That one morning

8:00 So and so kicked me in the nuts 

9:00 Clearly you know how I feel 

10:00 Don’t tell people about mom’s biz 

11:00 They’re mine so I kinda gotta like em 

12:00 I’m gone for the weekend 

13:00 Bill Burr 

14:00 My Aunt TT said the N word 

15:00 This is fucking bullshit 

16:00 Love weird awkward strange feeling

17:00 I need a tinkle shake 

18:00 Knowing is half the battle 

19:00 Destroy my hopes and dreams 

Go Deep.