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Dec 25, 2022

It’s a happy holiday here at the Goin’ Deep Show…. Well for some of us it is.  We play some clips of our favorites and retell the story of how Fiona dropped a turd into the cereal of the wee little Brown Eye this holiday.  It’s an instant classic. Listen in Go Deep and just remember don’t piss off a raging Fiona. 


1:00 Is it Cash or Mr. Cash

2:00 Previous to this year $100 bucks 

3:00 Mini Pinky Pie - Guitar 

4:00 Denis Leary clip 

5:00 Eat this - Good girl 

6:00  Its so fucking true - Dummy everything down

7:00 That’s a fucking moron 

8:00 He took a shot from someone else 

9:00 I just made sure the car caught up with the horse 

10:00 Who got pulled to my fucking floor - The Red Devil Friend 

11:00 Friend-emy - getting along 

12:00 Red Devil’s best friends friend 

13:00 You gave me all the lines 

14:00 Putting 2 and 2 together 

15:00 She’s gotta get this shit out 

16:00 Charming the skirt off a nun

17:00 The worst case scenario 

18:00 She realized I knew who she was 

19:00 Make em go back and listen 

20:00 The way he was talking to me was the same

21:00 He was eluding to it. Go fuck yourself

22:00 She needed a reverse - shut your trap

23:00 I love the fact she called me out

24:00 Ducks line up in a row

25:00 Told him I didn’t wanna see him anymore

26:00 Your a cock sucking piece of shit

27:00 Do you remember this song? 

28:00 Thought she was gonna get brave

29:00 I promise you she didn’t love that


Go Deep.