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Jun 30, 2023

Kid and Fiona do more deep fake stories than you can shake a wang at in this one.  Telling you all the ways to mess with people and straddle the line on AI generated fakes. The duo discuss some post nut clarity and ask if it is a real thing and how it could potentially mess with our brains.  Then we wrap up with a story of some tranzor teacher wearing size Z-sized fake boobies. Its oh so much and oh so little all at the same time here on this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Nobody called in dipshit

2:00 Come up with a reason 

3:00 You can’t stop the tech

4:00 We watched porn 

5:00 Get to work awkward 

6:00 Post nut clarity 

7:00 Popped out a quickie before

8:00 Visibly shaken - objectifying women 

9:00 Ridicule for getting upset 

10:00 Self gratification  

11:00 Don’t get caught on live webcam 

12:00 Jennifer Lawrence double blowjob 

13:00 He loves you so much 

14:00 The moral high ground 

15:00 So much that I unloaded  

16:00 How are you not laughing 

17:00 Controversy over huge breasts at school 

18:00 If I had titties like that 

19:00 stick some shit in this bitch 

Go Deep.