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Nov 27, 2008

Thanksgiving day release includes vagina wetness, beer keg pumping and who will whip dick out. Candy falls asleep and the brawler jumps in late. We play more orgasm clips which is becoming a staple of the show. Go Deeper this thanksgiving. 

Nov 25, 2008

Kid, JMac and GDub welcome back Candy for more during thanksgiving week. We talk about offering up the undies, strip club memories, freeballin' it and silk boxers. Keep the thanksgiving dreams alive. Go Deep 

Nov 23, 2008

Candy continues Thanksgiving week where we thank god for girls who masterbate in studio, blowing loads on theme park rides and we hit the fishbowl again. GDub almost has phone sex, live and the Kid takes a bathroom break and Jmac is in charge. Go Deep.

Nov 22, 2008

The GDS welcomes Candy to the show, she gives us some sexy talk with Dub, Kid and JMac. We do some fishbowl, talk about sticking it in her ass on the hood of a car and she fantasizes about Hugh Heffner. I think we ask about someone licking an asshole. 

Nov 19, 2008

JMac and the Kid wrap up Wife beater week with Wally doing Salvia, the crew not paying the bills and The Brawler filling in during the second half of the show. We discuss falling asleep while masterbating and more Go Deep bitches.