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Jul 25, 2009

Kid, JMac and Wally discuss ball disappearance, dropping them in the toilet, We discuss that scary skeleton Michael Jackson, Super spokesman Billy Mayes and play a little Billy Remix. Go Deep. We're still alive douchebag. 

Jul 15, 2009

JMac and Eckler outline their ways to make cash off the system, activities including dog walking, babysitting and life goals are discussed.  We found that a bar is our way to live large and never make money. Go Deep and check it out.

Jul 6, 2009

Kid, JMac and Eckler discuss fat chicks and normal sized girls, how the kid gets fatties to lean their huge arms against him when he's trying to get a beer at the Wheel. JMac and Eck talk a little football for some reason. Go Deep.