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Oct 11, 2021

Kid, L.B. and Nurse Fiona discuss how to properly trim your bush, when to trim and how its used to keep you from certain situations you may want to dodge. Kid talks about hardon anxiety, eating pussy like a tiger, banging ugly people, and what new idea Nurse Fiona has to find your vein. Listen in. Go Deep.


Oct 8, 2021

Kid, L.B and Nurse Fiona discuss gorilla sex, banging alot of possible mommies, gay but in the closet shit and how badly that son of a bitch is gonna destroy assholes far and wide.  We wrap with lots of hardon talk, holding off and cum dumpstering. Go Deep


1:00 L. To the motherfucking B.

2:00 Go to...

Oct 7, 2021

Kid and Nurse Fiona in studio talking about the dynamics of what we say on the mic, who thinks it’s all real and Kid is on the verge of meeting someone new who he thinks is someone just as fucked up as he is. We talk about getting pictures sent, alcohol getting you jacked up and we give the lowdown on a former co-host...

Oct 6, 2021

Kid, Silverback, The Phenom, L.B. and Nurse Fiona in studio where we discuss how Mr. Kleen used the Kid as a smokescreen at the bar with a big titted chick that he was into. Nurse Fiona says you can’t have some random dumb bitches in here. Kid tells you not to be honest because it just fucks shit up. Nurse Fiona says...

Oct 5, 2021

Strippers farting in faces, creepy guys staring into vaginas and how to properly pick up dollar bills at the club. We do some war stories of visiting the strip clubs and play some sponsorship from Butt Drugs. Go Deep.


1:00 Let me crank up a little bit

2:00 I accidentally will call him MAP...