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Jul 31, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Silverback, Endo, GDub, JMac, Spidermonkey

Kid welcomes in a few show favorites on this one where we talk about the dead neighbor, people knowing people, Gdub’s medical weed card and we get some screen time with our Dogs.  Listen in and Go Deep.


1:00 Intense day at the studio - Silverback


Jul 30, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Endo, Mr. Kleen, Silverback

The Kid gives us the lowdown on what happened in his neighborhood this morning, we have some confusion, some fast food, talk about gray sweats and I think at one point Endo gets a GoPro shoved in her butt crack.  Its a weird episode of the show because of some...

Jul 29, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Endo, Mr. Crowley, Dr. Nurse F Show

The Kid and crew continue to chat with our new podcast friends The Dr. Nurse F Show.  Topics include fake tits, hating children, soulmates, fluffers and an all Male nurse calendar that Endo should shoot. 

Listen in and go deep. 


1:00 Intros - Mr. Crowley


Jul 28, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Endo, Mr. Kleen, Cooch, Mr. Crowley

A very special show where we introduce some new friends to the podcast.  The Dr. Nurse F Show makes their debut here on Goin’ Deep and the network.  In this one we have a packed house and even more bullshit to talk about.  We kick it off with Endo trying...

Jul 27, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Mr. Crowley & Gdub on phone

Kid and Crowley get deep discussing fucktards who can’t speak correct english, Masks and toothless meth heads along with how to piss off a bitch who has a problem with the guy who took her virginity.  Kid also relives the time he was asked to take photos off the...