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Dropping old school Goin' Deep Shows every Friday

Feb 5, 2016

Its Friday and that means we're pushing out some old Goin' Deep Shows into the feed. This week we kick it back to February 3rd 2006 in an episode where Mr. Kleen, JMac, The MAP all are in to discuss porn, what the future holds of one of our daughters and even more obnoxious bullshit that none of us can even remember....

Apr 14, 2012

Kid, Chesticles, GDub and Bemo in studio discuss SOCO, Wiffleball, naked politicians, and how boners are shot to the fucking ground when you see some grey pubic hair. We discuss the action known as fart sparks, how to avoid getting farted in the face and how simple and to the point it is when a bitch just says "Fuck Me"...

Apr 13, 2012

Kid and Chesticles Xtra long edition Blacks vs Mexican's

Kid and Chesticles fuck with your head in this episode.  We go over the Kid's apologizing routine, The MAP and a few stragglers call the Angry Black Man and BoneSaw jump in for some obnoxiousness. Go Deep. 

Dec 9, 2011

Kid Welcomes Ninja Chesticles talks about punching pussy's, tearing out a vagina, we feature the real ultimate website. Sewage in a van with a family. Go Deep and you'll understand. TB 219

Dec 2, 2011

Kid, Eckler and Kleen discuss dumbass kids at Barnes and Noble, not answering phone calls and what kind of disgusting things we could do to a woman who said she'd do anything.  We also preview squirt week and do other bullshit that you may want to hear. TB 696