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Oct 30, 2006

Kleen and Kid do a little dreaming of hotties who wear eye black. The kid does this one in front of the camera ( stay tuned for the video release ) We yadda yadda about this and yadda about that. Mention a few sites and a few other things. Go Deep now.

Oct 28, 2006

Mr. Kleen mans the big boy chair in this edition of the GDS and he is all messed up and flustered. Kid wants two chicks to fight for his cock. Kleen says that Bill Clinton has a big wang and only he knows about it. Go get deep before Kleen falls asleep.

Oct 19, 2006

JMac is in the commander's seat for this edition of the Goin' Deep Show and Mr. Kleen also brings his noise. We bring you stories of cum cubes, Dudes blowing dogs, we talk about the Detroit Tigers in the series, and getting back at your woman with dingleberry brownies. Go Deep Mutha F'ers.

00:26 Intro

00:40 Sticking it...

Oct 18, 2006

Spanking to our Sponsor, In this episode Kleen's grandma licks his almonds. The Kid dedicates his exhistance to grossing out and porn links. We once again bring up the fat chicks who give good head. They have to because they're starving. Kleen tells everyone out there that you can fuck fat chicks hard...

Oct 17, 2006

Dogs that are drunk and eat people. Kleen is Gene Simmons and pisses of his Kiss Makeup. We talk of somebody shot action and discuss Kleen's love of being bald. A special tip on how to make your way through 3 chicks that blow you. Do the ugly one first. The Kid hates Oprah and doesn't give a shit. Go Deep.