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Mar 31, 2009

Kid welcomes JMac and Juice in studio and all the way from phoenix its the Martial Arts phenomenon. We revisit the milkhole, hamburger hill and bartenders who look at porn on the iphone and wonder about huge assholes.... literally. Go Deep. NOW!!

Mar 30, 2009

Kid entices the brawler and Sexy snow white to push their boobies together. Joining for the ride are JMac and Eckler.  We dive onto topics of bras, chicks getting pissed at other chicks, what girls think whey they masterbate and we replay some Wally. 

Mar 27, 2009

Kid, JMac, Brawler and newbie Sexy Snow white discuss hot blondes, tall women and how a short guy with a twisty tongue makes you forget about height. We hit the usual salad toss, finger in the butt and beastiality. JMac reveals his non sex life. Go Deep.

Mar 26, 2009

Kid, Brawler and Sexy snow white welcome back a show mainstay. Its JMac back in full attack. The Kid motorboats we talk about some talent at the local Ponderosa and we find out that JMac was coming home even though he was being all secretive. Go Deep.

Mar 25, 2009

The Kid welcomes Eck and Brawler in studio and we call JMac, talk about someone who pissed Eckler off at Walgreens and The Brawler has to fart really bad and she is just letting them seep into the futon in studio. Kid plays sound boards alot and loves it.