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Jun 17, 2009

Kid, Eckler, JMac, Wally and Mr. Kleen in studio and the boys are arguing, Kleen is wearing too much cologne and the Brawler flee's the studio because the hubby smacked her leash. Go Dip dumb fucks.

Jun 15, 2009

Packed house, Eckler, Kid, Wally, Kleen, JMac and the Brawler argue about all kinds of dumb shit including beerfest. the word gay, the brawler and her hatred toward toes and Eck fucks commercials. Go deep.

Jun 10, 2009

Wally, Brawler, JMac and Kid discuss a nasty asshole that shot Wally's boner to the ground.  Ass face during sex.  How Jmac blasts poop off the back of the toilet and the special place known as the taint. We play some Wally Clips. Go Deep.

Jun 9, 2009

Kid, JMac, Wally and Brawler in studio discussing late night calls, vagina that is too wet and how we don't let women fart in our presence.  We also talk about how women don't haze each other like men do and how we wanna see bare ass. Go Deep. BITCH

Jun 7, 2009

Kid and GDub discuss a bloody MMA match. Toughman contests and we do some other crap that I can't remember. Go Deep already and just stop reading. It gets you nowhere good. Get Deep.