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May 30, 2013

Kid and Don Tang discuss pussies pissing on stuff, Kid calls Don Tang out on actually banging 500 times in one year and he gives all credit to stopping the drinking of soda. Kid hates chicks with dicks and when they sneak into We feature a site called You Got Posted and we go over some sex stories that...

May 29, 2013

Kid and Don Tang tell everyone about a site dedicated to all the nasty shit that snap chat claimed was not going to be exposed.  We discuss how America fucks child stars by giving them everything then taking it away. We toy with the idea of recording the sounds of our own banging and counting how many times we...

May 28, 2013

Kid eats too much goddamn food, recaps a visit to Frankenmuth, a new tattoo, dick smells, fingering chicks, who you wouldn't salad toss and the battle of Super powers. We tell everyone to go to to check out some awesome shit. Did we mention that we talk about some dudes cock getting bit. Go Deep. 

May 27, 2013

Kid's Birthday eating extravaganza when Don Tang dishes out the chick drinks, Kid complains about eating too Goddamn much and we love to make fun of huge women with big old titties flopping out and serving us beer. We discuss the aging process of women and the sag of the tits. We ask the age old question of how often...

May 23, 2013

Kid and Don Tang discuss and Yahoo! attempting to not fuck shit up, printable guns and little kids holding hands. We discuss dudes butchering people overseas and the wonderful world of Jose Canseco rape. We wrap up with saints who protect cars. We ask the world to send us squirters. Go Deep.