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Dec 22, 2010

Its old time stories tonight on the Goin' Deep show.  Most of the remembering has to do with GDub's sister and Wally and JMac getting called out about doing all sorts of dirty shit to her. Wally tells the world that none of his antics are his own fault. Kid reveals the whole story about how the shit hit the fan during another classic episode. GDub turns into C3P0 a few times.... as usual and we  tell everyone to Listen if they want.... but they probably don't.  We talk Erp, We talk Vader, We get violent and also bash some Psycho Christians. Yes thats an official title. We trade links and those include Natalie Portman's ass in a thong. Kid talks Hot tub threeways and says he's lick the bung of some women but Jennifer Aniston can go lick herself. Wally gives us the tongue in the thumb theory which includes spit and dive in the ass.  Tongue-jack the shit box style. Cock Rings, Who your last fuck will be and our new favorite ass. Little Lupe are all discussed. Go Deep and have a good last few days before Xmas.