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Oct 27, 2011

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Kid determines that Jesus is cool because he invented Porn and wants us to enjoy it and our in studio guests agree. Emmy joins us again for this one along with Eckler and Red Eye. We recap the female role on the Goin' Deep Show and how recent show hosts are like yin and yang. Eckler reveals he's married to Red Eye and we're watching porno doing play by play the entire show. We say some racist shit and we tell the world that some women like to be dominated…. including Emmy. We rock the anal discussion and how Emmy deals with the initial pain, Kid says he would use his vibrating toothbrush on her lady parts and Eckler describes his own cock being thinner than a toothbrush. Emmy tells us her technique for tantalizing boys in the winter.  It involves boots and no panties.  She shows us her ass in said jeans and the in studio crew gives her the three thumbs up. We discuss the theory that hot women dont' get hit on because guys are big fat pussies. Emmy tells us the tactic of going sleazy up top and classy on the bottom. Eckler tells everyone he uses a cock sock but only in his mouth. We talk more about stalkers, stalkee's and how deceptive people are revealed by way of the booger wipe… on the pants. Kid plays disgusting noises and Ecklers fucking someone…. but won't tell who.