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Jan 25, 2012

In Studio: Kid, GDub and Wally

A completely blown out episode of the show. On the drunk scale this one is off the charts.  We play porn clips, talk about He-man and why you shouldn't break into Ivan Drago's house. We try to get Wally to open up on the exclusive clip of him and his woman banging and GDub comes to the conclusion that he can't fuck unless Eye of the Tiger is playing in the background. 

Wally wants to rape women, tape it and sell it as a porn movie called Burka in the Wind and we revisit the Wally on Salvia clip, how much the trees wanna hug him and we call The MAP and leave a gay voicemail. The show tailspins quick and by the end GDub wants a Bay City Hooker or some Green Spa treatment to beat him off…. We settle for sausage fest at The Shot N Shell. Go Deep.

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:25 Intro

0:40 GDub and Wally wasted

0:50 Twelve Pac of doja

1:45 Fuck the government

2:00 Good fucking luck stopping Pirates

2:20 Drunk messages to the industry

3:00 From Batman to Crazy right wing Christians

3:45 Upgrade your old model and survive

4:00 Someone wants to fuck the internet

4:20 Wally says we all need guns 

5:00 Kid wants to be a murderer

5:25 Wally suggests cutting someones head off

6:00 In Florida you can kill people

6:30 Wally wants to rape Middle eastern women

7:00 Wally's new porn movie "Burka in the wind"

7:30 GDub's cock is called Shock and Awe

8:10 Get the fuck out of Dolph Lundgren's house

10:00 Ivan Drago will kick your fucking ass

10:35 He Played Goddamn He-man

11:00 The Tailspin begins 

11:15 Van Halen has been obducted by aliens

11:40 What Wally's woman sounds like during sex

13:30 Pretend time

14:25 Is she still going?

14:30 GDub wants to hear Eye of the Tiger while having sex

15:01 Suck that Clit

15:20 Lick that pussy

15:35 Suck that Clit - Shove it up your ass

16:05 Does Wally's woman really sound like that

16:25 When GDub bangs Kid's wife

17:00 What Wally's woman sounds like

17:20 In the butt Of Course

17:45 GDub ransacking a bar and telling us about it

18:25 Wally on Salvia Clip

21:00 GDub wants some hookers or a help spa visit

22:00 Too late to go nab a hot whore

23:00 I'll take millions not to work for a year

23:30 Calling the MAP

24:00 GDub acting like a fag on MAP's voicemail

24:50 Wally's Mellow'd out on the special sauce

25:00 Wally censoring himself

26:00 Steal from your old lady - They're worth nothing anyway

27:00 Let's Shell it

27:10 GDub is gonna pee on someone

27:30 The Outro

27:45 Wally loves stupid women

28:00 Would Wally prefer a steak and dick sucker or vegetarian non blower

28:15 Fat Vegetarians and British women who want to have their ass beat

29:00 Done and done