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Feb 22, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1662

Kid, Silverback, and Spoo from Atlanta jump on the mic where the Kid brings up some sad death to some childhood heroes. Spoo’s connection is shaky and we try to convince the Kid that Asians are more than just local buffet masters. The Proud Boys get trolled, silverback dates fake tits on an Asian and we tell the tale of how Spoo won the guess the vagina contest. Anal swabs, covid tests, and aggressive sista’s wanting to date white boys is also brought up.  Listen in and go deep. The audio quality on the Spoo call is a bit shaky. We’ll do better next time.


1:00 Spoo - Fat Tire and audio issues

2:00 Sad by Tommy Lasorda death

3:00 Tommy Lasorda clip

4:00 Hearing foul language, the same as us

5:00 Betty White Age

6:00 Hank Aaron outpour of sympathy 

7:00 Scout sheet for Hank Aaron

8:00 Silverback and the Asians

9:00 Gay community on Twitter fucking with proud boys

10:00 Spun out of control - Rogan

11:00 Larger eyed Asians

12:00 Onboard with the Lauren Hills of the world

13:00 Sista’s being more aggressive

14:00 No stiff-arming the Asians

15:00 What kind of crazy are you willing to deal with

16:00 When is the last time we saw an Asian

17:00 Looking for green cards

18:00 Covid test up the ass

19:00 Anal swabs fighting covid

20:00 Being lectured about doing what i want

21:00 What year did that come out

22:00 Blame her for almost taking baby wipes 

23:00 Spoo pantie story

24:00 Free will to do what i want

25:00 Shit week - Show must go on

26:00 Pit of Carcoon - butthole 

27:00 Getting the panties

28:00 Hurry and get the prize

29:00 Final Words - Spoo’s present for winning

Go Deep.