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Sep 17, 2016

Kid welcomes Gdub to the show where we begin to discuss the mayhem that is the Halloween party which will be happening. Kid likes the fact that he can hang with his friends no matter how far they live away. We determine that Don Tang has been given intern status once again due to his lack of participation. We chat a bit about pumpkin spice latte and how poverty will keep you from giving a shit about it. 

We attempt to give every parent with a child in college the info about how much your fucking loser kid doesn't want to hang out with you when you come to visit them in college. 

We discuss how old people will make every fucking excuse to not have a good time because their decrepit old body will just not let them handle any more sitting and doing nothing. 

The Kid tells everyone to make time or make excuses. 

Innocence is gone and you better face that shit real fast. 

Dont' be fooled fuckers. If you grew up with the internet you grew up with every fucking amazingly awful thing that exists since day fucking one. 

College campus delusion gives us the story of how much we're all invested in the bullshit of politics and the issues that we don't even give a shit about the huge dildos that are being presented at a protest. 

I think we talk about guns. I think we talk about rape. I think we talk about some other bullshit that some fucking pussy will be all pissed about.  If you dont' like it go away and shut the hell up. 

Go Deep... and stay on bottom.