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Feb 14, 2017

Silverback and Hat Trick join the Kid on this episode of the program. Kid expresses his admiration towards The Silverback and we knock off what is in each of our guest's lists inside the Kid's phone. We ask about some former guests, and discuss how much being a mother has changed her. We've decided to hate on any motherfuckin' kids who bully any of our children. Hat Trick anticipates her children pissing each other off as they get older in a unique way. She also mentions that all you have to do is mention some Star Trek to get into her pants. Kid relives the past where he gets a call from Red and has a mid-show session then comes back down to finish the show. Late in this one Golden Tongue visits and we get to know the man who Hat Trick calls the best oral she's ever had. Listen in. Go Deep. 989-331-0543 to call and complain. Email: