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Mar 17, 2017

Kid welcomes back The Rookie, Arabella and Mr. Crowley where we discuss the most amazing porn clip that we've ever witnessed. We believe we've found a chick who could lick her own asshole. We revisit Mr. Crowley and his pierced dong, figure out what words Arabella hates and try to remember all the names for boobies. 

Kid brings up the nipple exposure situation with girls these days and how they all just want to whip them titties out. We find out that Arabella doesn't get off from having sex and we find that just sad. Guys accepting a challenging pussy seems to be not okay with dudes and Arabella tells us how she lets the boys know she's not gonna cum. 

We wrap up with how long we've held out and the difference between men and women masturbation tendencies. Go Deep