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Nov 26, 2017

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show Kid and Hollywood break down some real-life news, a documentary on one of the Kid’s favorite artists and how to properly beat the ever living shit out of someone with a tiny bit. We keep the theme of fat shaming going shaking our heads about a woman losing half her body weight and still weighing 3 times the size of Hollywood.  We wrap up with a guess the race game, decide that all men are gross and the Kid reveals how protected he feels while inside his car.  All of that and more on the 1,413th episode of The Goin’ Deep Show.

RED EYE INTRO 08: Cop whore to conservative birthday party

  • 1:00 Intro / Studio 163 explained
  • 2:00 163 famous tigers and 666
  • 3:00 Why we have to be an asshole
  • 4:00 Is he listening to the show?
  • 5:00 Why worry what people think? / What’s on tap
  • 6:00 Checking my shitting writing
  • 7:00 The Schedule will hit the breaks in Dec.
  • 8:00 HULU  documentary
  • 9:00 No planning and what we’ll talk about
  • 10:00 Getting a bat to beat the shit out of someone
  • 11:00 What you learn from a Mark Wahlberg movie
  • 12:00 Naked idiot having sex and crashing with baby
  • 13:00 How do you get naked while driving
  • 14:00 Copycat idiots
  • 15:00 Making fun of fitness Kid
  • 16:00 Fat woman barely making a dent
  • 17:00 Crime shit/meth death
  • 18:00 Cocaine in an asshole
  • 19:00 They were fucking idiots anyway
  • 20:00 Guess the race game
  • 21:00 Knowing whats right and wrong
  • 22:00 Watching friends
  • 23:00 Hollywood is doing what its known for
  • 24:00 All guys are gross
  • 25:00 What’s the dumbest thing we’ve done
  • 26:00 Why I worry about shit in a car
  • 27:00 Grab em by the pussy
  • 28:00 Wrapup: Short Skirts
  • 29:00 More sexual harassment

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