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Nov 25, 2020

IN STUDIO:  The Kid and Mr. Kleen plow through a morning episode of The Show with the following items checked off their goddamn list.  We get info on a new app that lets you deep fake the clothes right off of people... mainly women... well just women, Kid almost shows off his dong in a photo, Phil Collins wife is a dumb bitch who’s hijacked his home and we wrap with a story of a party girl who likes a really warm child. We wrap with guys are slobs, chores and a Paralyzer’s Hottie Of The Week: Anllela Sagra

Listen in and go Fucking Deep.


1:00 Welcome to a morning - Killing 30 min

2:00 Recording your own poop sounds

3:00 Kid’s gaper of the week - Cam Adjust

4:00 Mr. Kleen and vocab words of the day

5:00 Go to and listen

6:00 Interruption Days

7:00 Fifteen 99

8:00 Deep Fake story

9:00 Searching for Deep Fake porn

10:00 Deep Fake Bot

11:00 Take anyone you interact with

12:00 The Voice Deep Fake

13:00 Can you believe anything anymore

14:00 No dong viewing

15:00 Kleen and Phil Collins

16:00 Who’s the heartthrob

17:00 Phil Collins wife takes over house

18:00 Send in Seal Team 6

19:00 Britney Spears Ex

20:00 When should women have kids?

21:00 Leaving a kid in a car

22:00 Mom of the year partied the kid to death

23:00 Kid broiling to death in a car

24:00 Arguing over household chores

25:00 Women will complain

26:00 Guys are slobs

27:00 HOTW Anllela Sagra

28:00 HOTW details

29:00 Final Words - Crobar info


Go Deep.