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Jan 25, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1642

Hip Hop fights and Dr. Dre has his brain explode. , We outline the places where we’ll be banned, YouTube is angry with us and we have no idea why but we highlight some other non funny people angry with comics. We ask if we can joke about Jesus.  Kleen tells people to kill something and the Apology tour begins.  We wrap with a store employee saving a dog, a six man tag match, Cobra Kai and Mr. Kleen’s show notes of tits. Go Deep. 


1:00 Turning Kleen’s camera on

2:00 I prefer the negative stuff 

3:00 Wait a second she’s gonna suck on my what? 

4:00 Dr. Dre brain problems 

5:00 The first 20 tracks are hip hop 

6:00 Blood clotting with the Covid  

7:00 Hip Hop fights 

8:00 Kleen and cleaning  your pipes day 

9:00 Humans vs Algorithm shit 

10:00 Every title is there to get someone to watch 

11:00 We’ll be grounded for a week

12:00 Lets make these guys addicted to posting 

13:00 Where we’ll be banned - Trump lists the countries

14:00 Wrap up the nations of the world by trump 

15:00 Instagram feed with Katie Morgan 

16:00 Joking about Jesus 

17:00 Complaint at a comedy show 

18:00 Kid is stunned but not - free speech pissy bitch 

19:00 Kleen trying to anger - The apology tour 

20:00 Penis ornament?  Insensitivity

21:00 Kleen said for you to kill yourself 

22:00 The 10K dog  

23:00 Store employee goes for a ride 

24:00 What a pet store employee makes 

25:00 My Kids cool - Watching Cobra Kai 

26:00 Six man tag team match 

27:00 People just beating the hell out of each other 

28:00 Kleen’s feed full of tits and ass 

29:00 Final Words - Coffee talk 

Go Deep.