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Feb 24, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1664

We knocked the damn power out on half the room.  Kid and Kleen make best of the situation as we scramble to go live in this episode of the Podcast.  Topics covered include High Society magazine, nipple coverage, Netscape Navigator, a mashup of Huey and Metallica along with fake guns on asians and being greedy fuckers.  We wrap with a new sesame street song and ways to steal that are not very effective. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Crotchless bikini bottoms

2:00 Rigging some shit up electrically 

3:00 Fuck Youtube 

4:00 Covering High Society nipples 

5:00 Girls splattering 

6:00 Netscape Navigator  

7:00 What’s happening right now 

8:00 Kleen trying to think 

9:00 Lower ab area destroyed 

10:00 The Kid List - Song Time  

11:00 Huey Lewis Metallica mashup

12:00 Go check that bullshit out 

13:00 Beer from our favorite brewery 

14:00 Stop using a surface WTF is a surface 

15:00 Kleen dating with the fake tits 

16:00 Umpy’s cousins with the fake tits

17:00 Assignment america - Missy Paragrim 

18:00 Atlanta teen greedy as fuck  

19:00 Retirement plan is the lotto 

20:00 System to steal  

21:00 Greedy fucker 

22:00 What a fucking idiot  

23:00 Less of a fuck 

24:00 6 pack and a jerk 

25:00 Arnold classic - hot bitches 

26:00 Are you sure Kleen 

27:00 Hail Satan with Ava Devine 

28:00 WTF - I don’t give a fuck 

29:00 Final Words - Pretty Wild guy 

Go Deep.