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Feb 25, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1665

Kid and Kleen talk about stank ass breath, stank ass pussy, how your phone knows way too much about you and your porn habits. We tell all the ladies doing things for the first time that we’re proud of you.  Good Job. We wrap up with creepy tech, Huge black chicks freaking and nasty wrestling at a convenience store. Go Deep. 


1:00 KKK Bald White boy Mr. Kleen

2:00 Hair solution for baldies

3:00 Breath smells like shit 

4:00 Kleen where’s the shit sounds 

5:00 Questioning yourself and time 

6:00 The phone knows way too much   

7:00 Continue to think the same way 

8:00 Its true because my phone told me 

9:00 Reminded of the worlds problems 

10:00 Way to go ladies - The firsts 

11:00 Look they finally did it

12:00 Kid just doesn’t get it 

13:00 Skipping past stories on purpose 

14:00 Good job again ya firsty first lady 

15:00 Non dramatic women 

16:00 Luscious bikini models

17:00 Good looking people get treated better 

18:00 It could be worse. you could be ugly 

19:00 Downs kid tattoo name 

20:00 Database of the capital riots 

21:00 Software to spy on people 

22:00 Props to the guy who made it  

23:00 Finally watched  

24:00 Huge girl freaking out  

25:00 Shut up or I’ll slap yo ass 

26:00 I think she likes it 

27:00 The Fallen site 

28:00 Scheduling and busy work 

29:00 Final Words -  Big Changes in April

Go Deep.