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Sep 24, 2021

We do some daydreaming of what Halle Berry has looked like through the years.  Kid hates advertising, we bring up the Hot Crazy Matrix, Talk about dykes, man perspective, Facebook fuckery and how to have a perfect family of way to many people. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen as the gay Robin

2:00 Wealth of knowledge

3:00 Did you play with your ding ding?

4:00 Hot Crazy Matrix 

5:00 Significant other tolerating

6:00 Pulling the wool over the eyeballs

7:00 Look at the Halle Berry conservative

8:00 Jack to the Berry

9:00 Internet ruined by advertising and selling

10:00 Bulldyke who hates men 

11:00 Simply suggested the man perspective 

12:00 Billboards and porn stuff 

13:00 Stripped of skin live on camera 

14:00 Facebook fucking blows  

15:00 Fuck Facebook 

16:00 Buttcheeks and Joan Rivers

17:00 I never plan to ask 

18:00 Perfect family - Don’t get married 

19:00 Final Words - If we pissed you off. 

Go Deep.