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Nov 30, 2021

Saving loads, not jackin and local swinger parties that we missed in this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Kid is concerned about dropping less load, make fun of himself for the first time he got drunk, sex in a car, telling ex’s everything and paying close attention when you bang in a car. We wrap with penis pumps, huge dicks and fuck me hair. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Hang out with your wang out 

2:00 Well I can’t wait to see the hippos 

3:00 I don’t want to numb myself to the jack

4:00 Maybe I’m running out of load 

5:00 What’s on tap - cheap long islands

6:00 First time Kid got drunk

7:00 Liking to go out with friends

8:00 No place to live - GMC Sonoma 

9:00 Sex in a car

10:00 Super fresh but wanted to hear stories

11:00 Circle the block and bang at the cop shop

12:00 Perfume, body glitter, tittle glitter

13:00 Oh crap we could get caught

14:00 Swiping on the fatsos

15:00 How do you enhance a micropenis

16:00 Penis pump extreme - explosion

17:00 Teeny girls taking huge dick

18:00 Divorciversary

19:00 Fuck me hair to random hair

Go Deep.