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Feb 22, 2022

Kid and Fiona debut the new studio location for recording shows. Kid recaps former love interests and how cool they are until they aren’t. We talk about picking up people at the bar when you’re with someone else, how to describe fat women in small clothes   


1:00 Oh yeah, lets spread right out 

2:00 Very relaxed show in Fiona’s Lair 

3:00 You captured what? Lightning in a bottle

4:00 If you’re born in January - You’re Hockey Lucky

5:00 Tinder settings

6:00 Decreasing the age range

7:00 This is the coolness about friendships

8:00 You don’t want to admit jealousy

9:00 Birthing someone like a cow

10:00 Words of wisdom - Never call your bitch an elephant

11:00 Describing the family

12:00 Kenny fucking powers

13:00 Cutting the cheese

14:00 Gee I wonder who cut the cheese

15:00 They became double d’s - 

16:00 She was intimidated by Fiona

17:00 Would you have thrown stool at me

18:00 Wrap up time

19:00 No fighting it - Show without Fiona

Go Deep.