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Mar 31, 2022

Kid and Fiona recap the amazing concert week they had, play some clips, discuss taking your children to shows, losing your memory and The Kid finds Fiona’s male counterpart. We wrap with some clips about being a perfect hubby and we’re very happy that we can change race now.  Such a world we live in.  Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 It’s time for echo motherfucker

2:00 So fucking loud 

3:00 We eat creamed corn here pooky bear 

4:00 Brotha with dreads head banging 

5:00 Now that my dad is gone - Don’t wait till dads dead 

6:00 Grab assin’ in a church 

7:00 Thoughts when we’re getting to our Eagles seats 

8:00 Graphics for the screens at Little Caesars Arena 

9:00 There was so much more than turtle neck 

10:00 Stuff a big old sausage in your pants 

11:00 The next few shows for the Eagles 

12:00 You know when to video if you know the set list 

13:00 Just perfect professional - Vince Gill 

14:00 People were just vibing like crazy 

15:00 All members just kicking ass 

16:00 Playlist for dimensia

17:00 The Beavis to my Butthead 

18:00 My kid reacting to concerts with parents 

19:00 If Fiona were a male golfer 

20:00 I thought of you when I head Jon Daly

21:00 Clearly he’s hammered

22:00 White dude Jerry becomes black

23:00 I want to be everything

24:00 The need for a forum for day drinkers

25:00 A perfect husband

26:00 You’re doing a great job with directions

27:00 You’re right, lets remodel the kitchen again

28:00 Wow expensive makeup.

29:00 We saw the Eagles and you didn’t  

Go Deep.