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Apr 12, 2022

Kid and L.B. get in studio after a long few days of concerts, Tiger games and fun. We recap a little of the Jack White show in Grand Rapids,  Kid goes to a Tiger vs Red Sox game and of course why not find an Ex Girlfriend on a dating app.  Lets go for it.  Oh and we’re giving away some tickets to see Limp Bizkit. Email for info and stay tuned this week for more information. Go Deep.


1:00 Actually sound real - giving away Real Things

2:00 Just the tips - Banging Madonna 

3:00 Skin tight body suits - Miley Cyrus 

4:00 I’ll never not go to a Tiger game 

5:00 Some tall lanky motherfucker 

6:00 Every person was bothering that motherfucker 

7:00 He catches wind of what I’m doing 

8:00 She’s probably pretty sexy - looks like she has boobs 

9:00 There’s 50-60 bars in town - Bumping into retards 

10:00 The dating apps - A running thing 

11:00 Someone wigged out by the Devil 

12:00 Pay attention to the age 

13:00 Fuck the 40s  

14:00 She was a 6 at best - Big old Titties 

15:00 Boom she pops up 

16:00 Try to tell em what to do - The body says one thing

17:00 Our new pal from VNO’s  

18:00 Girl that gets out as much as she does 

19:00 Email - tit pic 


Go Deep.